Vertiba Salesforce Consultants Donate Time to Local Community Service

by Vertiba, April 3rd, 2014

A group of Vertiba Salesforce Consultants recently visited members of the I Have a Dream Foundation’s Boulder, Colorado chapter, exposing teens from challenging backgrounds to the bright future that can lay ahead of them. The Foundation focuses on children from low-income communities, encouraging them to “complete high school, achieve postsecondary education, and fully capitalize on their talents and aspirations to become productive global citizens.” It is a founding tenet for Vertiba to focus 1% of its profits and its employees’ time toward making a difference in our community and this event turned out to be a fantastic opportunity for both groups.

Ihaveadream2--400“We knew we had to come up with something cool enough to impress high-school aged kids. Something hip, yet practical; useful, yet cutting-edge,” said Sarah Osburn, Salesforce Consultant at Vertiba. The team, made up of five Vertiba employees, including founder Jim Hooton, showed the kids how to set up their own movie database – much like the ever-popular-with-teens IMDb format – using Salesforce technology. Not only did the kids learn how to easily set up their own databases using, but they learned how cloud computing is a technology wave in which they can participate.

With a light introduction to cloud computing and the Salesforce development platform, the kids could see the way to an achievable path to their career success someday; technology is always changing, and there will always be a need for bright minds and hard work. “Before the end of the gathering, we could hear whisperings for new app ideas among the kids”, said Hooton. “It was great to reach out to them on so many levels, and help them see the potential in their futures, while opening their curiosity and interest in creativity and technology.”