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Trusted Sales Cloud Consultants Implementing Innovative Solutions

Vertiba’s experienced team has delivered more than 1,000 projects, including more than 400 on Sales Cloud. Thus, Vertiba has deep Sales Cloud knowledge and focuses on driving sales productivity improvement throughout the customer buying journey. Vertiba can help you transform your customer experience, grow your accounts, find new customers and close deals faster. As a result of our proven implementation methodology, our team of Sales Cloud certified consultants will deliver sales process best practices that meet your unique business needs while driving revenue growth.

Vertiba’s knowledge of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is hard to match. This is due to our comprehensive Sales Cloud implementation portfolio that offers pre-built as well as custom solutions. Consequently, these solutions cater to meet essential industry-specific requirements. Furthermore, we have configured Sales Cloud for clients with a variety of business needs. We have built Sales Cloud solutions including; recruitment, onboarding, lead distribution, deal registration, opportunity management, custom forecasting, mobile sales, partner management, sales analytics and custom sales apps.

Sales Cloud is more than just inputting and updating Leads and Opportunities. Vertiba has designed remarkably customized solutions on the Sales Cloud platform to meet our client’s unique needs. For example, at Antenna International, we designed tailored, easy-to-use and visually simplified pages to track daily sales figures. This custom forecasting displays expected revenue, cost and manages their device inventory.

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Sales Cloud Expertise

  • Opportunities and Quotes: get details about the deals your team is working on
  • Social accounts and contacts: gain insights from popular social media sites
  • Marketing and Leads: optimize campaigns on every channel
  • Analytics: get the insights you need to make smarter decisions
  • Mobile: stay connected on the go
  • Email: work with the email applications you use every day
  • Integration: streamline processes by sharing key data throughout the enterprise
  • Customer and Partner Portals: build loyalty and collaborate outside the organization
"We originally brought the Vertiba team in to focus on a CPQ build out and quickly realized the depth and breadth of their expertise. We ended up increasing the scope to include additional implementation. Every single member of the team is stellar. They jumped right in, fit right in and started kicking butt right away. I was super impressed how quickly they understood our business and how fast they added value to our team and our program. This team is without a doubt A+!"
~Sonia Schumm, Sr. Manager, Customer & Sales Portals, DigitalGlobe