Vertiba’s Project Methodology

Learn more about Vertiba's proven project methodology and what to expect when working with us.

ValuePath & ProjectForce

ValuePath is Vertiba’s proven process for quickly delivering projects.

Our toolset and approach has been continuously improved and leveraged with 900+ projects draws from both “waterfall” and “agile” methodologies.  It is a highly collaborative process that requires a high level of involvement from your team to maximize the value you receive. Naturally, our approach leverages  We have built a highly tuned instance of Salesforce, that we call ProjectForce, to manage every aspect of our client engagements.  It helps us generate proposals, track project requirements, manage consultant staffing, track billable time, and measure overall project health.  We give our clients access to a Salesforce Community, so that you have full transparency at all times to the state of our project and can collaborate with us on requirements, prioritization, bugs, etc.

This guide is intended to help you understand ValuePath & ProjectForce and answer any questions you may have about working with Vertiba for a successful project.

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